What is CORSWEB?

This application enables the following people to book attendances at activities at any organisation running a system called CORS.

For use by:

* Service Users

* Volunteers

* Staff

* Parents

* Carers

* Care Co-ordinators

* Anybody awarded permission by the service's administration staff

Concept Description

Anybody can register if they can a) reach the front screen, and b) confirm their email address via email.

Non-staff web-Users will be directed to submit an email request for access to an existing Service User's (or Volunteer's) records. When this email is recieved by service staff, they will create a new Service User (if neccessary) and allocate access rights to the web-User via the standard desktop-CORS program, then email the web-User to notify them that access to their Service User(s) records is now available. From this point onwards,they will be able to manage this person's details, profile picture and attendance at activities (but only those activities configured by the service as 'exposed to CORSWEB').

If their (confirmed) email address matches a service worker's email address, they will be able to select any (active) Service User (and Volunteer, if their 'Role' as a CORS user permits this).

Additional functionality will appear in CORSWEB visible to service workers only. For example, features for creating new Service Users and Volunteers, or creating new occurrences of any activity.

Security and Privacy

We take the security of personal data very seriously, so naturally we implement every modern security precaution.

Things you should know:

All connections to the internet from CORSWEB are made using the https protocol, which means that the traffic is encrypted.
None of the data drawn from the database remains on your hard disk - other than photograhs and text on the screen.
Password policy enforces a mix of letters, numbers, upper and lower case and a minimum of 6 characters. Your full URL for the front screen is not linked to from anywhere on the internet so nobody can find CORSWEB without first being provided with this link.


No responsive internet site can exist without a minimal use of cookies. For example, we have to store a cookie to record that you have seen the warning about cookies (so that you're not pestered with it every time you return to the same page). We make the minimal use of cookies and do not leave any identifiable personal information with your browser.
Your browser will remember your email address for 30 days so this can be pre-filled for your convenience. We recommend that you do not allow your browser to remember your password.
On the occasion that activities are paid online via CORSWEB additional cookies will be added by the payments-processing service called Stripe. Details of these additional cookies can be found at stripe.com/en-gb/cookie-settings

Some Technical Information

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